Meet #HSTA Partner: The Homeschool Scientist

The Homeschool Scientist

Home educating parents are a special group. They approach things with a can-do, let’s give it a try attitude. (Maybe not at first, but they get there!) However, the more I talk with home educators, I noticed a slight chink in the armor.

Mention “science” and you can see the glimmer of fear in many an eye. For some reason, they have learned to fear science. That natural curiosity has been stripped from them (possibly by a textbook wielding science teacher shoving unpronounceable terms down their throats with no practical application given. Just a thought).

Science is so much more than terms, facts, and complex systems. It’s curiosity, wonder, and is all around us! I want to show parents and their children how wonderful science really is!

The mission of is to equip and encourage homeschool parents by taking the fear out of and putting the fun into science education. I want to make you a Homeschool Scientist!

At The Homeschool Scientist, you’ll find experiments, STEM resources, curriculum reviews, and more. Each month, The Homeschool Scientist offers a FREE science calendar download. Each day contains a link to interesting science information and activities. It’s a great way to add a little science to everyday!

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