Meet #HSTA Partner: Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University is a biblically faithful, liberal arts institution located in the thriving city of Greenville, SC. With a student body of nearly 3,000 students and a student-faculty ratio of 12:1, BJU is big enough for countless opportunities yet small enough for a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Belong and Grow
At BJU you’ll be surrounded by people who want to see you grow. Faculty who share your values and want to help you develop a biblical viewpoint of their subject area. Student life staff who are there to keep you accountable and support you through trials. Classmates and roommates who, like you, are figuring out how to live life for Christ. If you’re excited about growing in your walk with Christ, BJU is a great place to be!

Your Academic Experience—Your Future
At BJU there are dozens of programs to choose from, from accounting to culinary arts to zoo & wildlife biology. And if you don’t know what to choose, your first year advisor will have the resources to get you settled in the program meant for you.

Bible and liberal arts courses round out your academic experience, helping you develop a biblical foundation for life and essential skills like communication and problem solving.

Value and Affordability
A high-quality, liberal arts education from a biblical worldview—sounds expensive, right? But BJU is actually one of the most affordable Christian universities in the nation. As you work through our financial aid options, you’ll find that a BJU education can become a reality for you. Check out some of our stats:
● 95% of new students applying for grants and scholarships receive them
● 60% of our students graduate completely debt free!

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